The site is situated in the post-industrial zone of Prague, and presently suffers the impacts of the past industrial activities. Therefore, at the southern part of the site where the industrial zone is adjacent to the historical part of the city, a water purification center is proposed. This facility exhibits different stages of the water transformation to the visitors and enables their active participation. 



A pavilion designed to express the traditional southeastern Anatolian styles with a contemporary approach 



Situated in the historical district of Alanya, this design aims to provide accessibility among the urban areas of different levels. Due to the steep topography, the existing urban texture in the region is rather detached, and the design of the museum aims to organically incorporate this underused zone through the generation of an alternative route for pedestrians and cyclists.   The function of the design being “Archaeology Museum” revives the values, and through the display of the historical artifacts excavated in the region, encourages participation by locals and visitors. 



A proposal for sustainable housing, continuous green spaces and increased pedestrian connectivity at the heart of Ankara